Lose Weight & Change My Lifestyle Warrior

Putting on weight and not knowing what to do about it can be a s**t feeling. As can putting weight back on again after you’ve lost it before. We know - we’ve experienced it and we really understand where you’re coming from.

We also understand how to fix it. Think of it as we provide the map - we take the thinking and the confusion out of it. It’s not just who you are - things can change, you just need to know what to do and to show up and do the work.

So, if you:

  • Feel like you’ve been putting on weight over the past few years

  • It’s getting you down and you’ve had enough

  • A lot of your clothes don’t fit, or you don’t feel confident enough to wear the clothes you want to.

  • You’ve tried lots of diets and nothing has worked, at least not long term

  • You often feel the need to snack in the evenings and you know you often eat when you feel sad, tired or bored

  • You hate feeling unfit

  • Feel confused by what the right thing to eat is

  • You’d feel too intimidated to go to the gym by yourself - you’d feel stupid and you’d have no idea what you’re doing.

  • You want to lose weight once and for all, get stronger and tone up.

You would love to:

  • Lose the weight you’ve put on, and keep it off

  • Get into a healthy routine and healthy habits - both with food and with exercise

  • Get fitter

  • Feel stronger and healthier

  • Feel happy and confident with how you look - start wearing what you want

  • Tone up and feel proud of yourself.


Then our ‘Lose Weight & Change Your Lifestyle’ Warrior package will be perfect for you! To find out how it works and to get started, click the button below to book your free consultation:


Millie says:

‘When I first came to the consultation I felt a bit stuck – I was very stressed at work, thinking too much about diet and I wasn’t getting results at the gym. I needed to change the way I felt about exercise and nutrition. It has been amazing. Very quickly, I noticed major changes to my attitude and mindset.

The best thing I’ve got out of it is feeling so positivefocusing on what is good rather than what is bad – it’s a nicer way to be. It’s so much more than what you would get from a normal PT.

 It's definitely a new phase and commitment to being healthier and stronger and I'm still feeling really motivated.’

If you’re feeling like Millie used to, and you’d like to feel like she does now, click below to book your free consultation: