There are lots of personal trainers - online or in Bristol itself - why should you choose us? We could give you lots of reasons for why we think we’re awesome, but check out some of our clients instead.

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Or you can have a read of our clients’ reviews below:

Carly from Project Hot B*tch - 'She fixed me, she energised me and she helped me lift half of my own body weight in less than an hour. Amy’s story and reasons for becoming a personal trainer had really made an impression on me, and her absolutely passion for, and belief in, her work was instantly obvious during our session. Bristol fitness scene, you’re lucky you’ve got this lady.'


This is Andrew. He works a demanding office job, with lots of travelling and little time to himself.

He wanted to feel fitter and get stronger, in preparation for some new challenges this year.

Through working with us, Andrew has:

  • Improved his posture

  • Strengthened his core

  • Lifted 125kg

  • Can now do 5x pull ups with no help in one go

  • Improved his confidence

  • Started to train Olympic Lifting

Andrew says 'Thank you Amy, I can't remember ever feeling this strong and motivated to get stronger.'

Click on the images below to see shots of Andrew's progress:



This is Becky - she works for a big corporate company, long hours, and was feeling stressed and not in control of her health.

Becky says: 'Training with Amy is nothing like I would have imagined of a personal training session. It is much more holistic and about feeling healthier and stronger without the emphasis on weight or physique that I had imagined. I've got excellent results for the time commitment, despite being busy with a full time job and a toddler.'

With our help, Becky has:

  • Got rid of the aches and pains she having daily

  • Strengthened her core after having a baby

  • Started Olympic Lifting

  • Now the ability to lift her own bodyweight

  • Feels less stressed and more 'well'

  • Beat her fireman husband in a pull up competition!

Click on the pictures below to see Becky's progress:



This is Sue. Sue says: 'I need to have a massive operation this year which requires my stomach muscles to be in tip-top condition. It’s an absolute joy working with Amy and I would strongly recommend. I can already see differences in my muscles and feel much stronger in my core after only 4 weeks.  I can’t wait to see the new me, bring it on! She is supportive without being condescending and manages to get more out of you than you think you have. There’s no rights and wrongs with Amy, just gentle, sensible and helpful advice which is really easy to follow.'

Sue has now had her operation so I'll be posting an update here soon. The doctors said she was showing off, she was recovering so quickly!

Through working with us, Sue has:

  • Regained full use of an injured toe with a metal plate it in, that was previously unable to bend

  • Built excellent core strength

  • Increased her comfort zone hugely

  • Developed the ability to lift heavy - 95kg deadlift!

  • Got into lycra!

  • Built her confidence no end

Click on the pictures below to see Sue's progress:



This is Emma. Emma is a busy Mum of two, who also owns her own business. She wanted to tone up, improve her core strength and get fitter and stronger. Emma:

  • Has now improved her core strength no end

  • Got stronger - can now lift in excess of her own bodyweight (90kg)

  • Has improved her flexibility

  • Got into Olympic lifting!

  • Hugely impressed her daughter with her new gymnastic skills!

Click on the image below to see Emma's progress shots:



This is Jo. Jo works very long hours at a desk as a solicitor. She had previously been struggling with a frozen shoulder and a few other niggles and wanted the motivation to get fitter and stronger. Jo has:

  • Lost 6kg in as many weeks

  • Now the ability to lift 135kg - our strongest client to date and the strongest lifter at her boxing club!

  • Now able to lift weight overhead, when before taking something small off a shelf was a challenge!

  • Improved her core strength massively

  • Improved her diet, in balance with the demands of her job


DENISE NEALE GORDON - ‘Just a big thank you, for everything and you just being you. This is a great journey for me and I am learning a lot about myself, my body in this, and my life is changing. This has been my best week yet, as I am seeing the changes in my mind and body. The spiritual, mental and physical are all coming into alignment and I am much happier with everything.

I enjoyed the mindset homework. I really was able to get right down to the root of the issues surrounding my weight of late and previously. There were lots of tears and lots of healing. I feel like I have turned a corner with all of this. It helped me to see that there was some clutter in my life that needed to go, physically, mentally and emotionally and there has been a lot of clearing out. I am feeling great internally and externally. The head hunger has gone because I am dealing with the mind issues and haven't had any of it. 

I am happy with the progress so far, and I am enjoying the journey, because if I had not started this journey, I would not have discovered so much about myself, my thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that I had subconsciously, that was sabotaging my progress in the past. This way is the best way. You have really helped to change my life, with what I have learnt thank you so much. I will not be able to tell my story of what I have achieved without you being a part of it.’

ANDREA SEXTON – ‘I worked with Amy last year after I injured my groin and hamstring. Amy was the only fitness professional that I saw who understood my injury and how I needed to rehabilitate myself. Without Amy, I am certain I would not have recovered from the injury and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others who want to strengthen their bodies and lose their fear of the gym.’

STEVE COPSON - ‘I’ve recently completed the first 13 week programme and the finest recommendation that I can make is that I have renewed immediately. From the outset I was impressed by the detail that Amy puts into the programme, we get dietary advice, homework, online help and support, recipes and regular feedback. Each session is different and is tailored for any niggles that I may have, Amy pushes me to achieve and measures the improvements being made. But the highest praise is saved for Amy’s unfailing enthusiasm, everything is ‘encouraging’,’ great’, ‘really good’ or ‘exciting!’. It’s easy to achieve your best when you’re being encouraged in such a positive way. I strongly recommend anyone to give the programme a go – you won’t be disappointed.’

JANE DARE - ‘I know what we are doing, I am learning how to do it better each time and I know why we are doing it but today I actually experienced the results when I got into 2 size 12 garments from the new Captain Tortue Winter Collection - I know my target was to drop one dress size, but 2 is awesome in only a month! Thank you Amy!’

POLLY SHELTON-LOWE - ‘I had my first session with Amy last week and didn't think it was possible to actually enjoy a PT session, but I really did! Amy is very professional and also fun and friendly, which is a great combination of qualities for someone like me who's previously been a bit wary of the gym. The session felt a very tailored and personalised experience, whilst also pushing me step out of my comfort zone, which was exactly what I needed. 

I learned a great deal from the session about how to get more from my time in the gym, techniques and tips. I hope to see Amy again soon and would definitely recommend her - especially to women like myself who have previously lacked confidence in the gym’

ADAM ROOKE - ‘So I consider myself to know a fair amount about training but last week I went for a personal training session with Amy Newton to work on my deadlift. It soon became apparent that through the years I've picked up so many bad habits and Amy managed to correct many of them in an hour. The session left me feeling really motivate to see so much progress in one hour and that was down to Amy's experience and knowledge and I would recommend her to anyone looking to better themselves this year!

MYA CASTILLO - ‘In my 40 years I have developed an (un)healthy aversion to exercise and gyms. Amy has succeeded where others have failed - to get me excited about going to the gym and doing exercise. MOST importantly though she gets results, which is what you want. She's a great person with a gentle manner and an intuition about what is right for you and how to get the most out of you and your body. I cannot recommend her highly enough.’

MICHELLE DENNEY - ‘As a Chiropractor and healer, I spend all my days standing at a treatment table and focusing on what others need to feel well. After a 3 month break from regular exercise, after a year of regular high intensity and heavy weighted one on one training sessions, my body was feeling tight, achey and I was unsure where to turn. Amy quickly noticed what my body needed. She trains in a gentle, intuitive way, but with a style that still gets you motivated, so you can push yourself out of your comfort zone to gain the results. She's changed the stereotype view I had of PT's and enabled me to see that it can be nourishing but empowering, all at the same time. I've had just 4 sessions with her and I already feel a huge change in my whole being and have felt my confidence begin to return, knowing that I hadn't got completely and totally unfit ! Combined with some yoga outside of her sessions, I feel I've really found what works for my body and mind. Amy encourages and coaches. She really is a natural.’

ABI MANSFIELD - ‘I have learnt SOOO much through working with Amy. She has helped me feel stronger which is exactly what I wanted. Would recommend’

SUNJAY SINGH - ‘If you haven't worked with Amy before then you are seriously missing out! She has such a refreshing approach to health and fitness, which in this day and age is so hard to find. But here's the bottom line. Amy produces fantastic results and makes you feel awesome whilst doing it! Would absolutely recommend!’

JAMES COOKE - ‘Amy is a great personal trainer. Her approach is well thought out and refreshing.  I have been to several personal trainers before, none with a level of knowledge even close to Amy's. It is great to work with someone that is so happy to explain and educate whilst pushing you to achieve results. Amy has a very friendly and down to earth style and is able to identify and help with areas of weakness that we all have, to ensure that we are able to operate at a high level. I would thoroughly recommend that someone who is serious about their health and fitness should speak to Amy.’

JASON PROSSER – ‘I really enjoy the training sessions and I feel fitter, stronger and generally healthier than I have since my late 20s (scarily 15 years ago).  Also, although I am not a vain person, it is nice when people you haven't seen for a while tell you that you look a lot better/fitter/slimmer!  So, many thanks and keep up the good work. You know that I am a big fan of your work and the results that we have achieved to date.’


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*Results vary between clients and are dependent on many factors*

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