Runner Warrior

So you discovered running a few years ago and you actually love it! You enjoy your weekly runs and you’ve done a couple of races - 5k, 10k, perhaps a few halfs or even a marathon - and you want to keep doing better.

You’ve had a couple of niggles to date. Nothing major, but it’s kept you off running and that’s frustrating. Perhaps an IT band or some knee pain. You know you need to address it, but you’re not sure where to start.

From what you’ve read online, it’s often to do with glutes and core strength. Or lack of them! And you’d love to fix it - but you don’t know where to start. You don’t want to injure yourself further, or make yourself bulky and heavy, which might slow you down.

You want:

  • Strong, and awake, glutes

  • A strong core

  • Better posture

  • To run faster

  • To stay injury-free

So we’ve devised our Runner Warrior Programme to help you achieve exactly this!

Take Jay as an example. Before Jay started working with us, he was running solo and found he was pretty good at it, really enjoyed it and found it a great de-stresser around a demanding job and busy life.

He wanted to get faster, avoid any injuries and get stronger, and he’d read that weight training was a big part of this.

To date, just a few of Jay’s achievements are:

  • Confidence and skill at the fundamental weight training movements - squat, bench, deadlift among others

  • First pull up

  • Confident press ups and dips

  • Improved core strength & flexibility

  • a 19:10 5k time

  • ‘Unlike previous halfs when I started to tire after 10 miles, I actually got faster. Thanks for all your help in getting me to the start line in good shape!’

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