How can The Warrior Programme® help me?

Where are you now? 

  • Working really hard on your business or your family 
  • You spend a lot of time sitting down and you're stressed
  • You don't know where to start with fixing it
  • You don't know how you're going to find the time
  • You know your posture isn't great and you don't feel that flexible
  • You feel unfit and you're not that strong
  • You're not a huge fan of your body - it doesn't look quite how you want it to
  • You don't know how to make healthy choices, particularly given you're always working and feel you have to rely on convenience food
  • You don't feel confident enough to just walk into a gym and start working on it yourself
  • You know you won't be that motivated doing it by yourself
  • You don't want your business or work ambitions to be hampered by your health or stress levels


What do you want?

  • Less stress and more freedom
  • Better posture
  • To feel strong and fit
  • To feel really confident
  • To like the way you look
  • To drop a few pounds and fit into old clothes
  • Less aches and pains
  • To enjoy and feel at peace with the way you look
  • To reach your potential


What if I have... injuries, I'm pregnant, I've recently been pregnant, had operations or waiting to have one? 

We can still help you - just book into a consultation and we can talk more about what you need and what we can do. 


What have you tried before that didn't work?

  • Diets  - found them too restrictive and felt they compromised your lifestyle too much 
  • A gym membership  - didn't go or went for a few minutes, didn't know what you were doing, felt silly and left
  • Perhaps another personal trainer - didn't get on and/or didn't get the results you wanted or maybe you didn't go to most of the sessions
  • Nothing - I just don't know what to do! 


What does The Warrior Programme® do that is different and can help me?

*Results vary between clients and are dependent on many factors*

We use free weights and conditioning training to help you with the following

-        Core strength

-        Toning up and building muscle – don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like Arnold Schwarznegger unless you want to!

-        Lose body fat

-        Feeling proud of yourself and your achievements – we don’t do before and after pictures or weigh or measure you – instead, we track your progress in the gym

-       Improve your health and protect against ageing 

-        Doing cool things, like pull ups and Olympic lifting, in the right way!

Combined with flexibility coaching to enable you to move freely and easily, without aches and pains


We work on nutrition to help you

-        Make healthy choices easily and without worry

-        To stop relying on willpower to maintain your weight

-        Never think about another diet again


Most importantly, we work on your mind to help you

-        Stop connecting the way your body looks with your worth

-        Accept your body and all the wonderful things it does

-        Push your boundaries and expand your comfort zone, so you can achieve more in your daily life

-        Stop using negative words when talking about yourself, like ‘weak’, ‘can’t, or ‘fat’

-        Learn to love what you see in the mirror


How does a Warrior feel?

  • Confident - both in and out of the gym
  • In control - of their life and their health
  • Satisfied and worry free - their health is being well looked after
  • Proud of their achievements and their body
  • Calm - they can manage their stress much better
  • Supported by The Warrior Programme and all of their fellow Warriors - we are a community.

*Results vary between clients and are dependent on many factors*

Copyright Amy Newton Personal Trainer/ The Warrior Programme® 2017


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