Build Strength, Tone Up & Get Leaner Warrior

This is for you if you:

▪Are a member of a gym, you go (although not always as much as you’d like) and you’re not seeing results.

▪ You get demotivated, so you put in less effort and it all goes round in a circle.

▪ You want to feel more confident in the weights area and like you belong among some of the people there that you find intimidating at the moment.

▪ You want to lose or gain a few pounds. Looking and feeling lean, toned and strong.

▪ You want your nutrition to be on point and to feel fit and full of energy.

▪ You want to feel proud of yourself.

 These are the results we will work towards together: 

  • Learn how to eat to build muscle/tone up and lose body fat.

  • Build strength – get seriously comfortable with weights, with great form

  • Improve your posture and core strength

  • PB your squat/bench/deadlift.

  • Get your first pull up, and a great press up.

  • Feel confident and proud of yourself, both in and out of the gym.

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