Get Stronger & Tone Up Warrior

We’ve been there - going to the gym, getting in there… I’m not in a matching outfit, I don’t have a load of make up on, I don’t know what I’m doing in here, I don’t fit in, I’m way too unfit to be here… gets on the cardio machines because it’s safe there and you know vaguely (!) what you’re doing there!

Genuinely, all of our Warrior trainers have felt like this at some point in their lives! As have most of our Warriors!

Introducing our ‘Get Stronger & Tone Up’ Warrior Package:

This is for you if you:

  • Are a member of a gym, you go (although not always as much as you think you should) and you’re not seeing results.

  • You don’t really know what you’re doing in the gym anyway, you just spend all your time on the cardio machines!

  • You want to feel confident in the weights area and to feel like it’s less intimidating

  • You want to lose a few pounds. Looking and feeling leaner and slimmer, toned and strong.

  • You know you eat a lot of c**p at the moment and you know you won’t stop on your own. You know you tend to eat lots more at the weekends.

  • You want to look and feel like you used to.

 These are the results we will work towards together: 

  • Learn how to eat to tone up and lose body fat - looking and feeling slimmer and fitting comfortably into your clothes

  • Get fitter without having to use the cardio machines all the time

  • Getting stronger - learn how to use weights safely and effectively - so you’re the envy in the gym! Upper body and core strength included - even if that feels miles away!

  • Start working on gym (and life!) skills like a pull up, a press up, having a good squat and a great deadlift.

  • Take control of your eating habits

  • Feel confident and proud of yourself, both in and out of the gym.

To find out more about how this package could work for you, please click the button below to book in for your free consultation:

Nadia says: ‘I started working with TWP to increase my confidence with weights and to learn new skills to mix up my gym routine. It has been super informative and encouraging, and it has been great to see my strength and skills develop. The Programme is so educational. The team are really lovely, informative and supportive. The best thing I’ve got out of it is confidence in the weights areas of the gym. You’ll feel like a badass afterwards!