Warrior Clan Package

This is for you if you:

  • Are a member of a commercial gym and go occasionally. When you go, you do the same plan or just use the cardio machines. Then, you don’t know what to do next so you just go home!
  • You want to be able to use the weights/’men’s’ area but feel too intimidated
  • You want to lose a few pounds and look and feel toned and strong
  • Your diet could do with improving
  • You’re not as fit as you used to be
  • You’ve never felt strong and there are lots of things you want to do (pull up/ press up to name a couple!) but you doubt you’ll ever be able to  

 These are the results we will work towards together: 

  • Improve your core and upper body strength – perhaps get a press up and a pull up for the first time?
  • Learn how to set up & use weights confidently and safely in the gym
  • Walk into the gym and own it – be confident enough to hold your space there and you know EXACTLY what you’re doing!
  • Get stronger and tone up
  • Lose those few pounds you want to and keep it off
  • Challenge yourself

 It includes:

  • 4 1-2-1 60 min sessions per month  
  • Goal setting session and progress session to make sure you get the best possible results  
  • Nutrition check in with your coach every week (online learning programme included)
  • Tailored strength & fitness programme for you to do at home or in your current gym  
  • Membership of our private members group for recipes, motivation and a great community
  • Weekday email support for unlimited questions (between 8-8) 

Investment in our packages starts at £375 per month. 

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