A crucial part of our work with our clients is in changing the way they think. The way you think affects the results you get - the way you eat, the way you train, how well you can stick to our programmes, so we want to help you with this.

Introducing The Warrior Programme®’s  online Mindset Coaching programme:

What’s it about?

You don't feel that great about yourself, but you don't know how to change and you may not even want to change. You want to feel better about yourself, like the way you look more, feel good about your body and be able to do the things you want to do - eat better, feel strong, lose some weight, be confident in the gym. 

Our mindset programme will help you:

  • Figure out what is holding you back from having the body you want
  • Identify what negative thoughts you're thinking about yourself
  • Clear out old beliefs so you can change your habits easily
  • Feel more positive
  • Relieve stress
  • Learn to rest and recover, so you can be more productive and feel less guilty

The course includes a weekly lesson delivered by email (12 lessons) – which you will have access to forever plus access to the private Warriors Facebook community, where we support and motivate our Warriors, post important videos and inspirational content. 

This is for you if you are:

  • Fed up of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see
  • Sick of feeling fed up with your body
  • Wanting to wear your old clothes in your wardrobe and not feeling like you used to 
  • Struggling with eating rubbish and keep going round in circles with it

An investment of £69 in your long term mental and physical health and wellbeing

Denise Neale Gordon says 'I enjoyed the mindset homework. I really was able to get right down to the root of the issues surrounding my weight of late and previously. There were lots of tears and lots of healing. I feel like I have turned a corner with all of this. It helped me to see that there was some clutter in my life that needed to go, physically, mentally and emotionally and there has been a lot of clearing out. I am feeling great internally and externally. The head hunger has gone because I am dealing with the mind issues and haven't had any of it. 

I am happy with the progress so far, and I am enjoying the journey, because if I had not started this journey, I would not have discovered so much about myself, my thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that I had subconsciously, that was sabotaging my progress in the past. This way is the best way. You have really helped to change my life, with what I have learnt thank you so much. I will not be able to tell my story of what I have achieved without you being a part of it.’