Get Stronger & Tone Up Warrior

We know people often say they’ve been there, but we actually have - you walk in the gym… everyone else looks like they know what they’re doing and I definitely don’t… I’ll just go over here in the corner and go on the cardio machines…

God this is boring! I’m knackered. This isn’t fun.

A few weeks later - why is nothing changing? I’m bored with this. It’s not working. Maybe I just can’t get what I want.

With love… WRONG! You can - you’re just not doing the right things. This is great news!

ALL of the Warrior training team have felt like this, so we truly understand. Not just how you feel, but what it takes to get out of there. And stay out of there.

So if you:

  • Are a member of a gym - you go occasionally, or not at all (no shame)

  • When you go, you don’t really know what you’re doing

  • So you stick on the cardio machines

  • or follow the same plan you always have

  • You’re not seeing any results at the moment

  • The weights area is super intimidating

  • Feel you don’t have any upper body strength - you don’t mind lower body stuff so much, but you’ve got no idea with upper body

  • Think some bits of you ‘move’ a bit more than they should!

And you want to:

  • Get stronger - the idea of a first press up or pull up is super exciting but feels MILES away

  • Tone up - your clothes to fit a bit better and things to feel a bit tighter and firmer with more definition

  • Walk into the gym and feel confident. Like you belong.

  • No longer feel intimidated by the weights bit, because you know exactly what you’re doing.

  • Feel fitter and healthier.

We make an actual living out of helping women exactly like you. Take Carly:

Before Carly started working with us, she was:

  • Going to the gym and doing a lot of cardio

  • She wasn’t seeing the results she wanted to see

  • Not really sure about what she was doing with weights

  • Wanting to get stronger, tone up and lose some body fat, but she didn’t know where to start or whether it was even possible for her.

Now, Carly:

  • Has lost 3 kg + inches

  • Has an 80kg deadlift x2

  • Has 2 full press ups

  • Has much greater core strength

  • Is training with weights by herself confidently

  • Is very close to her first pull up - watch this space!

If Carly’s story resonates with you, click below to book your free consultation:


Nadia says: ‘I started working with TWP to increase my confidence with weights and to learn new skills to mix up my gym routine. It has been super informative and encouraging, and it has been great to see my strength and skills develop. The Programme is so educational. The team are really lovely, informative and supportive. The best thing I’ve got out of it is confidence in the weights areas of the gym. You’ll feel like a badass afterwards!