We’d love for you to meet us, before you meet us in person.

We’re not like the usual personal trainer - we’re older than 18, we’re all degree-educated, we don’t all have six packs and obsess about our food and we’re not here to judge and shout at you!

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Amy says:

‘I set up The Warrior Programme because there is too much personal training focused just on weight loss and how you look - weighing and measuring, obsessing over the scales, it’s not good for any of us.

Plus, there are far too many personal trainers who are more interested in looking at their phone or pulling birds while they’re with their clients in the gym!

You’ll get none of that at The Warrior Gym!

We’re a group of trainers who focus on strength and in bringing the best out in you! In your body, with your ‘stuff’ from the past (we’ve all got some!) and with the goals you want to achieve.

If I could only train one move for the rest of my life, it would be deadlift. It’s so empowering, it feels great and it gives you the greatest bang for your buck in terms of being efficient with the time you spend in the gym!

Kes says:

‘I train for strength and flexibility. Press ups and press-up variations are one of my favourites!

Being a coach means getting our clients to a place where they can move however they like, eat whatever they want and say what they mean.

Most people, at some point in their lives, feel weak and lacking in energy, pay way too much attention to the ‘goodness’ and ‘badness’ of food and feel too self-conscious/shy to speak up. Weight training, when done properly, can have a positive effect on all of this.

Being a Warrior means accepting your differences - not shying away or not taking part in something just because you’re a minority. Whether that be because you’re the only person in the room who likes pineapple on a pizza or you’re the only woman in the weights section.’

Meg says:

I love the way feeling strong and healthy feels. I primarily come from an endurance focused background from playing netball to running marathons and have incorporated strength training along the way to further enhance my performance.

I enjoy being challenged and seeing what my body can do and love to be able to help others do the same.

The ultimate dream would be to have the strength to do a human flag!

I love teaching my clients that their ability far exceeds their beliefs.

With regards to favourite exercises, I love a squat, a deadlift and a burpee - but most of all I love the pride I feel when I see someone get their first push ups and pull ups!’

Danielle says:

‘Training means more to me than working hard to just look good, but a chance to empower my mind and body.

Having previously worked in busy advertising agencies, working long hours and having an active social life, I understand how hard it can be to find time or energy to get into a gym and at the same time, manage the physical and emotional problems that can come with office life! 

I became a coach because I wanted to help empower others to feel invincible, stronger mentally and physically and in control of their lifestyle. I love training all variations of squats and anything that gets those glutes firing and out of the gym, you can find me hiking hills or running through forests! 

To me, being a Warrior is about respecting both your mind and body through training and rest, so you can take on everything that life has to throw at you with confidence.’