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How To Feel Less Self-Conscious At The Gym And Maintain Your Warrior Workouts

How To Feel Less Self-Conscious At The Gym And Maintain Your Warrior Workouts

Does the thought of stepping foot inside the gym give you anxiety? Don't worry! The Warrior Programme is here to help you feel less self-conscious and to give you top tips on how to maintain motivation for working out. 

How Can You Stick To Your Workout Routine?

Half the battle of getting into shape is getting your mind into shape too. As a personal trainer, these are my top tips. 

Think about why you're doing it. 
The bigger the reason why, the easier the how! What is your main motivator for getting healthy? If you're struggling to find the why, start by thinking about what results you want in the short-term. Dig deep and get specific with your goals. Why do you want to workout, and how is it going to help you?

Reinforce what you like about your body. 
Part of what I do as a personal trainer is helping my clients change the way they see themselves. Focus on the positive, and the positivity will grow. You'll start to feel better inside. And when you feel good on the inside, you make good choices! It'll be a lot easier to go to the gym if you've indulged in a little self-love, and have given yourself a pep talk before leaving the house. 

Figure out how exercise makes you feel. 
Keep a diary and write down how you are feeling after every workout. Better yet, get a personal trainer and share your feelings with them. You'll look back on it and feel motivated and inspired all over again. It will also help raise your bodily awareness, and how exercise is benefiting your emotional and mental health. 

What To Do If You're Feeling Intimidated Or Self-Conscious About Going To The Gym?

Exude external confidence. Smile and use good posture. 
Showing body language that is confident affects us on a deeper level. The body will release hormones that match your facial and body positions. Looking the part never hurts. That's why I always encourage my clients to invest in the right shoes and outfit that makes them feel good (and even participate in a crazy leggings competition!). Never underestimate the power of a great outfit. 

Stay away from the machines. 
Fiddling with cable machines can be stressful and downright confusing. If you're not confident in it, don't mess with the equipment when you first get started. It can be really intimidating! Stick to the equipment you know your way around unless you have a trainer with you to walk you through all of the different machines. 

Put your earphones in, but don't play any music so you can hear what's going on around you. 
Music is great to get you pumped up, but if you're in a new surrounding, leave the music off. Put your headphones on, but listen to what's going on around you instead. It will help you to feel more in control and that really boosts confidence. 

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Keeping Fit In The Workplace

Keeping Fit In The Workplace

Every single day, thousands of us head out to work where we sit for eight hours without even leaving our seats apart from to make a cuppa. We spend these work days sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, and sometimes even having to eat lunch in front of the computer thanks to super hectic schedules. 

Encouraging fitness in the workplace can be really beneficial for employers. Exercise releases endorphins, which leads to better self-confidence, more energy and a lot less stress. 

Employee that are fit and healthy are a lot less likely to take a sick day. This is because their immune systems are better equipped to fight off the common office viruses that inevitably make their way around. If there is a nasty bug going around the office, those with a healthier lifestyle are far less likely to catch it and fall ill. 

Many businesses are now encouraging staff to get some exercise throughout the working day. This results in a lot less duvet days, and helps to boost team morale, concentration and lower stress levels. 

We are officially in National Employee Wellness Month for the whole of June, so there's no better time to inspire your workplace to become a little more fit. 

Now we're not saying follow in Google's footsteps and build an in-house gym for your employees. There are still lots of ways a business can help their people get up and moving again. 

One way you can get started (and take advantage of this gorgeous weather we've been having) is to organise outdoor meetings. Why not get down to business in the great outdoors? Fresh air has been proven to be beneficial to concentration and gets those creative juices flowing. For a team meeting, go fo ra walk rather than sitting in a conference room. In a small group, walk and talk, get your heart pumping and the ideas flowing. 

It might be time to rearrange the office. Encourage people to get up more from their desks and avoid long periods of sitting by putting the most used item further away. This could be the photocopier, the kettle or ever the phone chargers. 

If your office is lacking fitspiration, why not seek out a Personal Trainer for some top tips on getting a business active? Having a specifically designed exercise programme for the office can grow your business even more, whilst still focusing on fitness. 

The office diet may not exactly be the healthiest. Microwave meals, sugary snacks and pastries make people lethargic, affects concentration and contributes to weight gain. A Personal Trainer can create a healthy recipe exchange, encouraging your employees to snack on something a little healthier. It's a lot easier to eat well if everybody else is doing the same thing around you. 

No matter how small the changes, all of them add up to a healthier workforce. If you're in the Bristol area, get in touch with me today to have The Warrior Programme work exclusively with your business for great healthy workspace advice.