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Thank You For Your Support Thi Year

Thank You For Your Support Thi Year

Thank you all so much for getting behind us this year - with training with us, getting involved with the crowdfund for The Warrior Gym, liking our posts and just generally being interested in what we're up to. We're so grateful and so excited to see what 2018 brings.

We will be

*Creating more Warriors

*Opening The Warrior Gym

*Bringing more Warrior Leaders on board

*Growing, getting stronger and having fun!

How Do You See Your Body?

How Do You See Your Body?


How do you see your body? A frustration? An irritation? Something to battle with? Something that annoys you? Something you need to change?

I used to feel like that, but things have been a lot better since I started to find a new way. Have a watch:

I am by no means the finished article. This is work in progress that I intend to go through every single day. Some days are great and some not so, but things are hugely better than when I used to see my body as something to work against.

Take this with you today.

Love, Amy @ The Warrior Programme

Confidence & Clothes In The Gym

Confidence & Clothes In The Gym

Do you feel like you're not confident enough to walk into a gym? No idea what to wear? Feel like you can't wear what you want to?

This week, I talk about mine and my clients' experiences with feeling like this:

Body Image & Self Love - Part I

Body Image & Self Love - Part I

My first full length Body Image & Self Love webinar went live yesterday here - Https://

It was amazing and I've had some great feedback.

Below is a little extract of what it's all about. If you are:
- Struggling to lose weight
- Trying loads of diets to no avail
- Fed up of being in pain
- Frustrated by your body
This is for you

To watch the webinar, please request to join this group - Https://

Forgive Your Body

Forgive Your Body

Struggling to change your diet? You try, but it always ends up going back to square one?

Fed up with your body? Frustrated by aches and pains? Wish it looked different?

Well, this is for you... 


Split into two parts - some hugely important learnings from my journey

Amy @ The Warrior Programme


Why Willpower Isn't Enough

Why Willpower Isn't Enough

New video for you - really important for you to watch this if:
You're trying to make changes with your diet
You want to feel your very best
You're concerned about putting on weight

Crucial part of my journey that I couldn't have got here without:

Why I left the corporate life

Why I left the corporate life

I used to be suited and booted, not trainered and leggings-ed. I was good at school, diligent and hard-working, so it was pretty much a given that I would go to university. I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to do (I've always been a person with a lot of ideas). I knew I was going to spend £10k on a degree regardless and I wanted to make sure I got the greatest possible return on my investment, so I chose Law - an intellectual challenge with some prestige attached, plus lots of transferrable skills. 

To cut a long story short, I graduated from Southampton, under 2% off a first in Law, with a particular specialism in insurance law. I didn't want to go into legal practice and I genuinely loved the insurance side, so I went into claims. It was great fun and a real eye-opener, but as an exceptionally ambitious person, I wanted the challenge of 'Account Exec'. Within three years, I was there, an Account Exec at 24 in a fantastic team, working for a highly prestigious company. 

I loved my colleagues and I had a fabulous boss but, in all honesty, it wasn't enough. If you're happy in a corporate environment and enjoy working in insurance, there is nowhere better, but my heart lay in fitness and working for myself. I've been on a 'fitness-journey' myself (that's another blog!) and I just wanted more. 

This means that I understand - I've sat at your desk (proverbially), have felt that 11am intersection, lunch so far away. Rushed to get everything I needed to done in my lunch hour, eating being at the bottom of my priority list; I used to eat such crap just because it was convenient! Felt the waves of tiredness and boredom at 3:30 and then escaped as soon as I could at 5:01! I know - despite the best intentions of your employers or your boss - how trapped you feel and how stuck in a routine you can get.

I understand the corporate environment - its pressures, red-tape, office politics, team structures, different dynamics, the long sedentary hours. It's not a world that is designed around people and doesn't tend to promote self-care.  

This wasn't enough for me and exercise was my escape. At just 24, I started to get lower back and shoulder pain, after the hours and hours spent sat at my desk pouring over pages and staring at the screen. Consider how that would have progressed ten years down the line. Even with the best will in the world, countless desk assessments, fancy chairs and a BUPA programme won't prevent these issues entirely - they're so so common, but so treatable, and the solution is pretty easy. 

The corporate world has bred a generation of people with sleepy bums, weak cores, rounded shoulders and craned necks. Also, an addiction to convenience foods, caffeine and sugar highs and lows. It became really important to me to change this, not just for myself, but for others too. 

Have you had enough of this? 

For the employEES reading,  make a choice:

- To take your health seriously

- To use your lunch breaks to eat, alongside running errands

- To leave your desk - stand up for 1 minute of every hour minimum

- To move - exercise isn't a negotiable part of life - it's essential if you want your body to last! 

- To strengthen those areas that are lacking and to deal with any aches and pains that you've been ignoring for a while.


For the employERS that are reading, consider:

- How much better your teams could function if they were all getting regular exercise

- What a difference it would make to afternoon productivity in particular if your staff moved at lunchtime and ate nutritious food that fed their brains and didn't send them into a slump

- How improving your employees' health could reduce the amount of sick days and the cost this has for your business? 

- How much more engaged employees would feel if they saw that you were taking their day to day welfare seriously, more so than just offering a BUPA or Simply Health programme?

- How you would fare against your competitors in attracting talent, if your employee benefits package was a bit different to the norm?

I have a solution for you both - I'd love to help. There really is a better way. 

To get you started, check out my free e-book - it contains 20 tips as to how to look after your body AND your mind - you can't do one without the other! 

Are you totally happy with your stomach?

Are you totally happy with your stomach?

Bit of an odd title I know, but bear with me! 

Last Sunday, I did the Colour Vibe run out at Easter Compton and, of course, got covered in paint! It was a really hot day and the cotton, non-wicking tshirt they gave us was making me absolutely boiling! So, I took it off - easy for a personal trainer to say, right?

Not until recently - I used to have real 'thing' about my stomach, as I know a lot of women do - I'd always thought it was fat and unsightly and there wasn't a chance in hell that I'd be out in just a sports bra in public. That was one of my big goals - to be able to do that... and I did it on Sunday!

You might think, well, she's probably in the gym all the time, probably pretty much has a six pack, so it's easier for her, but, that's not the case. I don't have a six pack, I'm not super ripped, but it's mostly in the mind.

Yes, I have worked hard, I've done a lot of planks, I am careful with what I eat, but the biggest work I've done is in my head - my sense of self-worth, redefining what I value, pulling back my severely high expectations. That's where the biggest change was.

A lot of women who do have the ripped, six pack look, who work damn hard, still don't have that sense of self-worth, because they haven't yet done or don't know to do the mental work. So, they're not fully enjoying how they look, which is a real shame. 

That's where I'm different - it's both - mind and body - to give you the BEST result in your life. 

With me, it's a journey to get you to your happiest place, mind and body. I've been on it myself - and will stay on it for life - and, I tell you, it's the best journey!

If you'd like to get started, send me a message now! Your first session will be absolutely free! 

As an aside, I had some exciting news this morning - I have a new sponsor - STRIPPD Protein! If you ever thought protein supplements were just for men and it was all about getting bulky, think again - STRIPPD are for women - making your lifestyle work for you - a simple, easy, nutritious way to guarantee you are getting enough protein. Plus, the package is really pretty too!

All my lovely retreat attendees will be having goodie bags, courtesy of Rude Health and STRIPPD - it's going to be amazing. There are just two spaces left, so snap yours up this week! I'll be announcing the next retreat in February 2017 very soon...

Until next week,

Amy xoxo


Can you afford not to take care of your body?

In all seriousness, can you? I thought for a long time that I could - I thought by ignoring its signals, telling myself I couldn't afford things (gym memberships, healthy food, exercise classes, time) until my body told me I simply had to listen.

From a mere productivity perspective, looking after your body pays dividends. Whether you run your own business or work for a company, your success depends on three things:

1) Showing up

2) Having great ideas

3) and working hard

All three depend fundamentally on the health of your mind and body, both of which are inextricably linked. 

For example, if you're not looking after your body, you will get sick more, meaning you can't show up. If you do show up, you won't be in top form and you might give your bugs to your colleagues (making you unpopular!) and you definitely won't be having your greatest ideas. If you're feeling low, and not well, you won't be able to work as hard as you could if you were feeling great.

Therefore, not putting yourself and your body first directly impacts on your success at work and/or the amount of money you take home! 

Once I realised that, I decided to do something about it. Every day, I take an hour out to do something for my body - have a bath with essential oils and epsom salts, go to the gym, stretch - and I tell myself that this is a business task because I know that it's helping me achieve things in my business.

I've noticed three things since I've started doing this:

1) It's a great de-stressor - when you reach that point where you're about to implode or explode, there is nothing better to resolve that than exercise. Ultimately, this saves me time. 

2) I have my best ideas - most of my blog and video ideas come during or just after a gym session.

3) My self worth is improving - electing to take that time for yourself reminds you that you are the most valuable thing in your life.

Take that time for you today! 

Even better, I have some exciting news for you ladies... I am about to launch my brand NEW subscription service! 

Do you want to exercise regularly, but don’t know what to do?

Do you want access to an exercise programme written by an expert?

Do you want the accountability and support of having a trainer, but can't stretch to or don't feel you need weekly sessions at the moment?

Then this is for you!

Introducing my NEW subscription service!

Ø  Access to one of three dedicated programmes written by an expert, to use at home or in the gym

Ø  Receive updates and progressions to the programme every month

Ø  A 1-2-1 starter session face to face with me

Ø  A monthly 20 minute catch up call with me – to keep you on track and feeling motivated

Ø  A quarterly face to face training session with me

Ø  10% off Amy’s exclusive retreats (up to a maximum of £50)

For just £30 per month, with a three month minimum period.

Would you like to….

Get stronger?

Get more powerful?

Get more confident?


For the same money as a gym membership… but

Ø  You have a personal trainer

Ø  You will do it, because you have the accountability

Ø  You have the support for any questions, plus a professional set up

Comment below to get started!

Until next week...

Amy xoxo

Imbalances in your mind will result in imbalances in your body - how to tackle them?

Imbalances in your mind will result in imbalances in your body - how to tackle them?

Imbalances in your mind will result in imbalances in your body. For example, if you're unhappy, you'll veer towards eating traditionally comforting foods and eating more of them than is good for you. Contrastingly, if you are happy, you'll naturally gravitate towards more healthful foods, feel joyful about movement and exercise and respect and love your body. 

I just read a statistic that 96% of self-driven weight loss attempts fail. To me, a lot of weight loss and fitness solutions are like a sticking plaster - by counting calories and restricting foods you control the consequence (temporarily) but don't address where it's all coming from. If you're anything like me, I overeat and eat rubbish when I'm sad, lonely or just generally feeling imbalanced. When I'm feeling myself and whole, I'm much less likely to.

The above two pictures are me five years ago at university and me today. Back then, I was living in a room in a shared house, with two horrible girls, black mould everywhere and I really wasn't enjoying what I was doing. I stopped exercising and began eating cheap, rubbish food all the time. I ate for comfort and stimulation - ultimately, I was really bored and lonely! 

I left that house and begun to get happier - it was then that I realised I had put on three stone and definitely wasn't looking or feeling well. Each year of my life since then has been exponentially happier and I think that shows! I both look and feel so much better - there's still room for improvement, but everything is going in the right direction. 

That's why I take a holistic approach today - it's not about weighing and measuring and setting strict parameters (in fact, I won't ever weigh or measure you) - it's about working on body, mind and soul to get you feeling happy, strong and powerful. We deserve it! 

Comment 'yes' below and I'll be in touch to book your free taster session!