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Tips On How To Refresh Your Commitment To Your Health And Fitness Goals

Tips On How To Refresh Your Commitment To Your Health And Fitness Goals

Old habits die hard. But it's even harder when we know WHAT to do and what we can do, but we're just not doing it. As a personal trainer, I want to help everyone take one step towards their fitness goals and refresh their commitments to better health and wellness. 

Take it one craving at a time. 
You know you shouldn't be eating that tub of ice cream, or going to get a burger and fries when you're too tired to cook. But you'll still do it anyway. This is because for most people who are actively trying to lose weight, it's a mentality that's either all or nothing. If you're going to go for the fries, why not throw in your favourite dessert as well because the whole day is shot anyway. This mentality is what sabotages weight loss efforts! 

Instead, pick and choose ways you can cut out on calories that are realistic to your lifestyle. Do it over a longer period of time, like a few weeks, instead of committing to doing it every single day to get a faster result. Taking it slow and steady will yield better results. 

Halve your goal. 
No one likes to feel like they're failing. Many people fail at a weight loss programme because their goals are just too big. If you consistently miss your target, why not chop it in half? Go for half the number of workouts, half the pounds, half the inches. 

Change your pattern. 
Changing your routine can really help to make positive changes in your life. Taking a trip helps you to experience a different environment and revamp your own personal health and wellness routines. 

Take time to reconnect with yourself. 
Using meditation can really help with your goals. If you're able to still your mind and create a deeper connection with yourself through meditation, you will really connect with your deepest self. You have to take the time to sit in the peace and quiet, to breath and to reflect. 

Know why you're doing it. 
The bigger your why and your motivation, the easier the how will be. 

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