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How Much Sugar Can I Eat?

How Much Sugar Can I Eat?

In Bristol, we're so luck to have lots of gorgeous sugary things to eat, from the doughnuts at Pinkmans Bakery to the Portuguese custard tarts at St Nicks, but how do I balance eating sugar with losing weight? What sugar is it okay to eat? And what about things that say they're sugar free but aren't?

It's a bit of a minefield, so we've made this video:

Are you totally happy with your stomach?

Are you totally happy with your stomach?

Bit of an odd title I know, but bear with me! 

Last Sunday, I did the Colour Vibe run out at Easter Compton and, of course, got covered in paint! It was a really hot day and the cotton, non-wicking tshirt they gave us was making me absolutely boiling! So, I took it off - easy for a personal trainer to say, right?

Not until recently - I used to have real 'thing' about my stomach, as I know a lot of women do - I'd always thought it was fat and unsightly and there wasn't a chance in hell that I'd be out in just a sports bra in public. That was one of my big goals - to be able to do that... and I did it on Sunday!

You might think, well, she's probably in the gym all the time, probably pretty much has a six pack, so it's easier for her, but, that's not the case. I don't have a six pack, I'm not super ripped, but it's mostly in the mind.

Yes, I have worked hard, I've done a lot of planks, I am careful with what I eat, but the biggest work I've done is in my head - my sense of self-worth, redefining what I value, pulling back my severely high expectations. That's where the biggest change was.

A lot of women who do have the ripped, six pack look, who work damn hard, still don't have that sense of self-worth, because they haven't yet done or don't know to do the mental work. So, they're not fully enjoying how they look, which is a real shame. 

That's where I'm different - it's both - mind and body - to give you the BEST result in your life. 

With me, it's a journey to get you to your happiest place, mind and body. I've been on it myself - and will stay on it for life - and, I tell you, it's the best journey!

If you'd like to get started, send me a message now! Your first session will be absolutely free! 

As an aside, I had some exciting news this morning - I have a new sponsor - STRIPPD Protein! If you ever thought protein supplements were just for men and it was all about getting bulky, think again - STRIPPD are for women - making your lifestyle work for you - a simple, easy, nutritious way to guarantee you are getting enough protein. Plus, the package is really pretty too!

All my lovely retreat attendees will be having goodie bags, courtesy of Rude Health and STRIPPD - it's going to be amazing. There are just two spaces left, so snap yours up this week! I'll be announcing the next retreat in February 2017 very soon...

Until next week,

Amy xoxo