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Pull Up Wins

Pull Up Wins

How our Warriors are getting on with their pull ups - Jay, Jason and Steve - and a few tips and tricks to build strength with yours!

If you want to get a stronger upper body and would LOVE to get a pull up, but you’ve no idea how or where to start, click the button below to book your free consultation:

Sick Of Having Back Pain?

Sick Of Having Back Pain?

Fed up of having daily back pain? Check out what one of our clients who used to have this says about the process and his results.

Pull Up Progress - Getting Your First Pull Up

Pull Up Progress - Getting Your First Pull Up

Checking in on our client, Carly, working towards her pull up and a few of the moves she's been doing to get closer to it.

 Feel like you’ve got a weak upper body?

No idea how to make it stronger?

The idea of a pull up seems a million miles away but you’d still love to get there?

Click the button below to book your free consultation to find out how to:

Overcoming Your #gymtimidation

Overcoming Your #gymtimidation

The gym can sometimes be a very intimidating place, especially if you're just starting out. There might be a number of reasons why you feel that 'gymtimidation':

  • Not feeling you look the part.
  • Being self-conscious about your skill level.
  • Having to wait around to use weights and machines and not knowing what to do in between!
  • Feeling uncomfortable with people constantly moving around you. 
  • Not understanding how to use the weights and machines properly. 

It doesn't have to be this way! 

In fact, for many of our Warriors, the gym becomes a home away from home - a place where they can leave everything else behind and train. We train our clients to build themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, so they're strong in their mind and body. 

If you're just starting out at the gym, don't worry! Everyone is at the gym for a purpose, to meet their own individual fitness goals. Respect each other, because you're one of the few who dragged themselves off the sofa and got to the gym. 

Here's a few ways you can over the gymtimidation. Remember it only lasts for a little while. Once you get in your groove that fear will disappear. 

Everybody has to start somewhere

Being physically fit doesn't happen overnight. Every single person who is in that gym has had to start somewhere, they're not just magically ripped and toned. These people were once in the position you are, being challenged to get fitter and learn how to use the gym equipment in different ways to reach their body goals. And guess what, they are still learning too. Every session at the gym is about learning, trying new things, getting to know your body better and watching the changes happen over time. 

No matter your age, adapting to a new training routine takes different amounts of time, and you may need to take more rest days when you first start. We're all different. It doesn't matter. You can reach your goals without comparing yourself to anyone, and move steadily at your own pace because it's not an overnight change. Take your time, have lots of patience and remain dedicated and you will get there, one way or another. 

Avoid the peak gym times

The peak hours at the gym are when the most people are going to be there, and it can be overwhelming when you first start out. You'll have more chance of waiting around to use the equipment, and you will need more time to get into the swing of things which is difficult when it's so busy. 

If your schedule allows it, go to the gym when it's a bit quieter. You'll be able to move round the gym a lot easier, and most machines will be open for you to use. It's a lot less stressful, which is great because anxiety and focused exercise don't go well together. 

Interact with the people around you

Never be afraid of talking to the people around you, whether they're staff, trainers or gym goers. People will be happy to help you learn, and you may even pick up some useful tips and tricks for your training. 

Train with a friend

Training in pairs is a great way to destroy those feelings of fear because you've got your team to fight against the gymtimidation. Having a gym buddy who already trains will also help you to get going and build up your confidence. 

Get a personal trainer to help you learn the ropes

Starting out at a gym is daunting. There's a lot of machines that seem confusing to use. Remember that there are professional trainers ready to help you reach your goals. Our trainers at The Warrior Programme help you figure everything out, motivating you to train harder and build you up from the basics so you can train in various modalities with ease. 

Always keep in mind that training to get fitter is your own personal journey, and we all have to start somewhere. The gym can be an intimidating place to start with, but once you get to grips with it, you'll be training with confidence in no time. 

Our very own Head Warrior, Amy Newton, has made a motivational video just for you, to help beat the #gymtimidation and get you one step closer to your fitness goals. Head over to video by clicking here and get started on beating your gymtimidation!

Tips On How To Refresh Your Commitment To Your Health And Fitness Goals

Tips On How To Refresh Your Commitment To Your Health And Fitness Goals

Old habits die hard. But it's even harder when we know WHAT to do and what we can do, but we're just not doing it. As a personal trainer, I want to help everyone take one step towards their fitness goals and refresh their commitments to better health and wellness. 

Take it one craving at a time. 
You know you shouldn't be eating that tub of ice cream, or going to get a burger and fries when you're too tired to cook. But you'll still do it anyway. This is because for most people who are actively trying to lose weight, it's a mentality that's either all or nothing. If you're going to go for the fries, why not throw in your favourite dessert as well because the whole day is shot anyway. This mentality is what sabotages weight loss efforts! 

Instead, pick and choose ways you can cut out on calories that are realistic to your lifestyle. Do it over a longer period of time, like a few weeks, instead of committing to doing it every single day to get a faster result. Taking it slow and steady will yield better results. 

Halve your goal. 
No one likes to feel like they're failing. Many people fail at a weight loss programme because their goals are just too big. If you consistently miss your target, why not chop it in half? Go for half the number of workouts, half the pounds, half the inches. 

Change your pattern. 
Changing your routine can really help to make positive changes in your life. Taking a trip helps you to experience a different environment and revamp your own personal health and wellness routines. 

Take time to reconnect with yourself. 
Using meditation can really help with your goals. If you're able to still your mind and create a deeper connection with yourself through meditation, you will really connect with your deepest self. You have to take the time to sit in the peace and quiet, to breath and to reflect. 

Know why you're doing it. 
The bigger your why and your motivation, the easier the how will be. 

If this resonates with you, you can click the button below to book your free 'Stop Feeling Intimidated By The Gym & Start Getting Results' Consultation. 

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In short, it's a complete solution to your frustration at not knowing what to do in the gym to get the results you want, which makes you feel bad. We've done all the hard work, analysing, testing and working out what works to save you all of the hard work to become stronger, more toned and confident at the gym. 

You will also get our exclusive e-book, that will help you with feeling more confident with your body, that you can just take and use to start getting stronger and toning up. 

I mean, it's literally everything, nobody else gets this unless they come to the session, so they're in the privileged few. It's not all sunshine and rainbows though - we will also be showing you where you might have gone wrong in the past, so you don't repeat the same mistakes. 

So the long and short of it is...

Come to our complementary 'Stop Feeling Intimidated By The Gym And Start Getting Results' Consultation, learn how to get stronger and tone up, meet our amazing expert team, ask as many questions as you want and then leave and go and put it to work in your life. 

What have you got to lose? (the answer is nothing!)

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