There are a lot of personal trainers around these days, particularly since the internet has made the offering of online services a viable option. A lot of people say they have 'the answer' - whether it is eating only bananas or eating 'clean' or going to the gym 5+ times a week - it all gets pretty confusing.

I get that you might think 'oh, she's just another personal trainer - why is she different?' So, I thought I would answer that question today. 

  1. I'm not a bodybuilder. Now, I have absolutely nothing against bodybuilders - the dedication is unreal and the physique is impressive - but it's not healthy, physically or emotionally.
    I want to be healthy and to help others to be healthy - helping them achieve a sub 10% body fat, to me, isn't that. Nor is restricting food or eating the same thing everyday to make sure the macros are 100% that. 
  2. I'm not super skinny. This is a bit controversial, but some trainers are naturally very slim, their physique isn't just due to their eating and exercise routine. This isn't the case with me - I'm not exceptionally lean. 
    Therefore, I understand - managing your weight isn't always easy and I certainly won't be looking down on you. I work hard and prioritise to look like I do - if I didn't, I would very likely be a lot bigger and lot less healthy.
  3. I'm very down to earth and compassionate. My training style is considerate and focused on who you are as a person and what you need. I don't shout, I don't tell people off - yes, if someone really lets me down, they'll know about it, I'm not a dormat, but my point is, you matter more than a measurement. We'll get the results but in a calmer, more considerate way. It's about the journey and changing the way you think, as much as it is about the results.  
  4. I promote balance - I don't train anyone more than 3x a week and would have words with someone if they were exercising more than 5x per week. Sometimes, you have a lot of time and space to exercise. Sometimes not. You have to have a degree of fluidity in your life. Sometimes I have a great week, like the week before last when I hit a deadlift PB. Last week wasn't so great, so I took a bit of a breather. 
  5. I don't cause people pain! I push people, yes, but you won't be unable to walk for four days after seeing me! That's not fitness, that's too far. 
  6. I want to give you lasting results and lasting changes. I don't want to beast you for ten weeks into a 'bikini body' so I can take a photo of it as a 'transformation story' and then you're back to before three months later. I work on your attitude towards your body, exercise and eating too. 
  7. I'm very much focused on the individual - I'm not conventional looking and I don't want to cookie-cutter everyone into a fixed look - it's about what you want and what your body needs. I don't keep standard exercise programmes and I don't do diet plans - we're all different.

So, if you're looking for someone who understands you as an individual, tailors their approach to be right for you and isn't superhuman/ completely obsessed with diet and exercise, I'm your trainer! 

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