I realised the other day that I talk an inordinate amount about bums! Literally everyone who comes to see me, even those that run and cycle or do a fair amount of exercise in their spare time, has a pretty sleepy bum!

In an age of sitting (apparently it's the new smoking!), our bums aren't really used that much, so they literally go to sleep. Then you get up and walk or run and it doesn't really wake up... unless you tell it to!

So, you're walking around and one of the biggest muscle groups in your lower half isn't really working. This means that your posture suffers and all the other muscle groups have to do a huge amount more work = greater fatigue, tightness and discomfort. So your movement is less efficient and more likely to result in an injury from the simplest of twinges. 

What can we do about it you ask? Well, literally everyone who comes to see me starts off with some form of 'glute activation' programme - to wake these muscles up and get them working, at the right time and in the right order. 

This is why you need a technically-minded trainer! It's all well and good working really hard and sweating a lot - but if your bum is fast asleep, it's going to get neglected! 

Even things like lower back pain and knee pain can be caused by sleepy glutes.. so you see it's a big problem that needs sorting!

As a bonus, waking up sleepy glutes makes them look better - if you want a good bum, you need to do weights... FACT! 

Have a little think now - does my bum feel engaged? Does it look the way I want? 

If not, I would invite you to drop me a line today! I can help you solve both problems!

Until next week,

Amy xoxo