This poor little puppy does!!

Whenever we go anywhere fun, or we meet up with people that she likes (so, everyone), she runs around like a mad thing and refuses to go to sleep when she's tired. This picture was a recent occurrence - we went camping in the Gower and little Shoes was so excited that she found it seriously hard to rest! When we got home, she slept pretty much all day to recover from it!

With us humans, it tends to be the same reaction but opposite reasoning - we chase our tails all day after work, family, friends, tasks, our to-do list until we find ourselves seriously depleted and exhausted.

This runs like a nasty cycle until something bad happens and it forces us to listen. Particularly for us women, we refuse to take time for ourselves - we don't see ourselves as worth it or deserving. 

How would it feel to put yourself and your health first? How would it feel to take control of those cycles? We all have them - with eating, jumping from diet to diet, trying out all the supposed solutions, only to end up exactly where we were at the start, only poorer, more frustrated and possibly with metabolic damage. With exercise, we'll try the latest celebrity diet plan, count calories, try a different thing every week - we don't see results, we don't feel good, so we stop and again, we're back at the same place. With time - we think we don't have any, we squeeze in things that we really can't do, we put ourselves right at the bottom of our priority list.

This is really hard for everyone. At the moment, my phone screensaver says 'put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place'. It's tough - particularly running my own business, having the above puppy, studying for more qualifications, etc etc - but it works. Prioritising your own wellbeing - your health, physical and mental - everything else does fall into place and it does get done.

So, today, I'm asking you to put yourself first - it is worth it, and all this food and exercise stuff doesn't have to be this hard. It doesn't have to add to the stress - in fact, it should take away from it, and I can show you how.

I can show you how to:

> Eat food that makes you happy, gives your body what it needs, and helps you to get easily down to your ideal weight.

> Use exercise and self-prioritising to manage your stress and be more productive

> Exercise in a way that is fun, achievement-focused and effective.

What do you say? 

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I promise you, it will be worth it and you will learn things that you don't know right now that will change your life. 

Until next week,