Imbalances in your mind will result in imbalances in your body. For example, if you're unhappy, you'll veer towards eating traditionally comforting foods and eating more of them than is good for you. Contrastingly, if you are happy, you'll naturally gravitate towards more healthful foods, feel joyful about movement and exercise and respect and love your body. 

I just read a statistic that 96% of self-driven weight loss attempts fail. To me, a lot of weight loss and fitness solutions are like a sticking plaster - by counting calories and restricting foods you control the consequence (temporarily) but don't address where it's all coming from. If you're anything like me, I overeat and eat rubbish when I'm sad, lonely or just generally feeling imbalanced. When I'm feeling myself and whole, I'm much less likely to.

The above two pictures are me five years ago at university and me today. Back then, I was living in a room in a shared house, with two horrible girls, black mould everywhere and I really wasn't enjoying what I was doing. I stopped exercising and began eating cheap, rubbish food all the time. I ate for comfort and stimulation - ultimately, I was really bored and lonely! 

I left that house and begun to get happier - it was then that I realised I had put on three stone and definitely wasn't looking or feeling well. Each year of my life since then has been exponentially happier and I think that shows! I both look and feel so much better - there's still room for improvement, but everything is going in the right direction. 

That's why I take a holistic approach today - it's not about weighing and measuring and setting strict parameters (in fact, I won't ever weigh or measure you) - it's about working on body, mind and soul to get you feeling happy, strong and powerful. We deserve it! 

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