A dramatic title, I know, but it's indicative of how strongly I feel about it!

There's a couple of reasons behind this:

  1. White bread has the same effect on your blood as eating pure white sugar! So, you might be eating lots of other good foods, but add some white bread and you'll have the same spike in your energy levels, followed by the inevitable low, the same as if you were to eat a bar of chocolate.
  2. If you're wanting a flatter stomach, white bread is not your friend. A flatter stomach is something I have been after for many years, and white bread really hasn't helped me. Every time I eat it, my stomach literally blows up until I pretty much look pregnant! It's like clockwork - last Sunday, I had some white garlic bread, fairly fancy stuff (tear and share :P), not just the bog standard baguette. I went a bit into denial and thought it would be fine. It wasn't - a few hours later, I started to swell up! Now, my reaction is fairly dramatic, but I would bet that it has some effect on most people.

When I eat wholemeal, particularly rye bread, this doesn't happen. It's just white. Is that something you can identify with? Do you suffer from bloating and peaks and troughs in energy? If so, give it a try - cut out white bread/ swap it for wholemeal for a week and see if you notice a difference.

It's a comforting thought that bloating may be having an effect on your stomach, as opposed to the harder to shift, fatty tissue. This means that by making sensible swaps and keeping active, you can make some fairly easy changes which will will make a dramatic difference.

Start off with white bread and see how you get on!

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See you soon!

Amy xoxo