This looks nice!

This looks nice!

In short, no.

For years, we've been encouraged to eat low fat, high carb diets - margarine vs butter to reduce cholesterol, skimmed milk vs whole milk, the list goes on.

In reality, this ends up being high sugar, which actually has a greater influence on the body's storage of fat than the consumption of fat itself does. Crazy I know!

There's been a bit of a media storm today - a new study has demonstrated what a lot of health and wellness professionals have advised clients for some time - that fat isn't the problem. In fact, it's sugar and processed food.

Now, this obviously doesn't mean go out and eat a packet of butter, it's bacon for breakfast every day or let's stick coconut oil in everything! Instead, let's shift the focus back onto whole foods and quit cutting things out.

For example, for those are super into their fitness and eat egg whites alone, they actually might be struggling to metabolise them. The egg yolk, that they're cutting out for fat consumption reasons, contains enzymes which help to break down the white, so eating the two combined is the best way.

Similar with margarine, it's much better to eat a reasonable amount of butter - the real thing essentially - rather than all the nasty things that find their way into its counterpart.

Ultimately, it's not about calorie counting - that's never something I do with my clients because it's miserable and it doesn't always work. It's about the quality of the foods that you're eating - so, wholegrain carbohydrates (brown bread, rye, grains), lean protein sources (nuts, seeds, quinoa, pulses), good fats (olive oil, avocado) and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I've been working with the amazing Judy recently on a nutritional coaching programme. She was worried that her metabolism was slowing down and couldn't see where she was going wrong. To cut a long story short, Judy has LOST 3 KILOS (6.6 POUNDS) & 3.5" OFF HER WAIST & HIPS IN 8 WEEKS!! Her progress has been amazing; I'm humbled to have helped.

None of this was through calorie counting - in fact, Judy is eating slightly more calories now than she was - but through swapping processed, sugary foods for whole foods with more nutritional value. As a result, Judy has a vastly reduced attraction to sugary snacks and far more energy.

Judy says:

'You've literally changed my life! I always used to give into cravings and kind thought I'd go right back to how I was once we finished, but I'm eating exactly how I'm supposed to, it's second nature now! Didn't have anything sweet at all yesterday! Amy's She's helped me not just lose weight but eat more healthily and get into some great habits, almost without realising! I feel much more confident in my body and my lifestyle and it's all thanks to Amy.'




If you'd like to have a story like Judy's and work with your diet to give you the body and sense of wellness that you deserve, give me a call on 07717718947 or drop me an email at It's so achievable and will produce lasting changes!

Speak soon!

Amy xoxo

PS. Stop buying low fat yoghurt!

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