Last weekend, I went along to one of the biggest health and fitness shows in the UK - Bodypower at the NEC. It was a crazy, overwhelming day - lots of larger than life people and feeling very small in the crowds!

It ended up being a very educational experience, but for different reasons than I had expected. As I was putting my make up on in the mirror in the morning, I was preparing myself for a self-esteem onslaught; to be surrounded by dozens of diamante-bikini-clad women, super toned, not a pinch of fat between them. I'm a fit and strong woman, but I'm no bodybuilder and I eat a lot more than chicken and asparagus! Anyway, I steeled myself and fed myself some positive mantras to get me off to a good start.

We arrived at the NEC and made our way to the entrance along with the 90,000 other people! So far so good, not too many threats just yet. There was one extremely leggy lady in the toilets in a bikini, but she didn't scare me too much.

I was quite excited to see two inspirational role models of mine that I have been following online - Instagram, Facebook, Youtube - for quite some time. Ladies who played a part in making me take the plunge to start training others.

So, I sought out their stand and waded through the crowd to see them. Now, with love in my heart and continued gratefulness for their inspiration, these ladies really weren't what I was expecting. In the photos I've seen, they are 100% toned, absolutely lean, perfectly curvaceous machines of women! In real life, they had amazing bodies, are clearly strong and very healthy; however, they weren't the superhumans that Instagram had told me I would see. They were just normal girls who have worked very hard for what they have.

This really surprised me - the carefully selected, fabulously lit (we all do it!) photographs on the screen didn't exactly tell me the truth, but the reality has made me feel relieved if I'm honest! It reinforced my belief that this is achievable, at all different levels, for all different women.

Instead, I think that there are three keys elements of achieving the look and sense of wellbeing that we all want:

1) A good programme, that is designed specifically and exclusively for you.

2) The support and encouragement of a good coach

3) The commitment to work hard and consistently with the above, because you believe that you will succeed.

These girls weren't bestowed with some birthright of lean muscle or a superhuman ability to work out. Instead, they decided what they wanted, got the help they needed and got to it. They had the days where they really couldn't be arsed to exercise or the days when they just wanted to eat rubbish, and some days I'm 100% sure they did, but the majority of the time, say 80%, they did what they knew they had to do - stuck to their plan, did their workouts and ate as best as they could.

I left Bodypower feeling really inspired - not to go and exchange all my meals for protein shakes or to set up camp in the gym for the next week, but to keep pushing myself in the knowledge that if I choose to work on a part of myself, I can achieve what I want to.

You definitely can too - whatever it is that you would like to change - be it having more energy in the mornings, getting a more toned bum or lifting your bodyweight - it is so doable. And, if you need a good coach to support and encourage you, and to show you how to do it, you know where I am.

I'm running a free squats masterclass on June 15th at 18:00 at Pithay Studios, All Saints Street, Bristol - a great way to get you started! Drop me a line to secure your place now!

See you soon,

Amy xoxo / 07717718947