It's a scary thing!

I remember the first time I braved it. It was in a big commercial gym in Plymouth (where I used to live) with one of my best friends and we thought, sod it, let's give it a try! We were bored of the treadmill and the cross-trainer and we wanted to try something new.

We walked over - it was full of blokes in rather exposing vests loitering around and pumping iron in a, what I now know is, a very questionable fashion! There were a few accessory girlfriends, but no women actually lifting.

Anyway, we crept in, found a corner, and went through a couple of rounds of a circuit training class I used to do with some small dumbbells, feeling fairly awkward. We were soon identified as potential pulling targets or slightly amusing foreign objects... After we'd done a few dumbbell movements, we left - we didn't know what else to do, or even that there were other things to do, other things that we could do!

Now I'm a very competitive person - as soon as people assume I can't do something or that something is a 'guy thing', I am 100% doing it! But I still felt super awkward and at that stage in my journey, had no idea whatsoever about the possibilities that lie in the weights room.

Since then, I've been exposed to some amazing role models and fantastic training that has opened my eyes to what you can achieve simply by moving weight, be it your own body weight to begin with.

You are more than entitled to be in the weights room and could probably show a lot of those guys up! Women have a lot more natural strength and endurance ability than we realise, often because we're told that it's unattractive to be strong or muscular and we're not taught or encouraged to try activities which might involve weight.

There's strength in numbers, so grab a few girlfriends and head over. If you're got a friend who's already ventured in, bring her along to help too! Just have a look around, familiarise yourself with what's there.

I understand that the weights rooms of commercial gyms can be particularly intimidating, so if you need a hand, give me a call. My gym is a private personal training gym, so we can go through weights kit in a quiet, friendly environment with a great atmosphere and absolutely no hulking guys with scary shoulders competing with you! We've got state of the art lifting gear, including tyres and a sled and some awesome kettlebells. I can show you how to perform the movements well and with good form (it's crucial not to move any weights with bad form) and in ways that will be effective and enjoyable for you.

On 15th June, I'm running a FREE squats masterclass for FIVE people! First come first served - give me a call on 07717718947 or drop me a message at if you'd like to come!

Can't wait to see you!

Amy xoxo