Do you sit at a desk? If so, this cannot wait.

I sat at a desk for 8 years, minimum 8 hours a day, then cycled home (kind of sitting), then sat on a sofa for a few hours. I was still an active person, or so I thought. I went to the gym a few times a week, did a lot of cycling.

Six months ago, I got up and left my desk and started to spend more time standing. I thought, all the effects of the desk - achy shoulders & back, tight chest, sore bum - would just vanish. How wrong I was. I've had to work really hard to get rid of the symptoms, partly because I didn't know what they were. It's very hard to spot problems and their root in yourself.

So, I struggled for months trying to fix them and feeling like I was chasing my tail. Then, I asked the experts, found out what the problems were and then I learned how to fix them. If I'd have just cut out the middle man consistently earlier, life would have been a lot easier.

I implore you to take your desk seriously. We are not meant to sit down as much as we do. This will have an impact on you, it's just a matter of time. I thought I could avoid it, but I couldn't.

You need to make your life a more active one - move more basically - and if you're having any symptoms, get them looked at by the experts, by someone who's seen and felt it before. It will make life so much easier and you can nip it in the bud. Leave it and it will get worse, I'm really not going to dress this up.

So, achy shoulders, feeling tired, stressed, sluggish, bored, unfit, lacking tone... all of these things can be fixed, and need to be, before they develop into something you don't want even more. I wish I could have told me that and I would have listened. 

If I can help one person learn from my mistakes, they were worth it. For example, one of my clients suffers from achy shoulders and tight hips from sitting down. We've been doing a lot of work on this and she recently had a ten day session gap. When she came back, she said to me 'it's coming back, I really need these sessions'. So, a combination of our sessions, my knowledge of what she's dealing with, and her working on her posture and sitting less, her pain and stress is going away. 

If you're suffering from any daily discomfort, feeling tired, stressed out, sluggish, bored or just generally unfit, I'd love to take that feeling away from you and leave you free. If that is you, head to my contact page and tell me what's going on. You'll feel a load off and I'll get straight back to you with some ideas.

Until next week,

Amy x