Fed up of feeling like you're being used by the world?

Sick of feeling like you don't have any time?

Desperate to have some time for yourself?


Warriors know when to push and when to rest. Warriors know when their tank is almost empty and when to re-fuel. Warriors know when enough's enough. 

Last weekend, I took a group of warriors with me to Dartmouth for a retreat away from the world. We stayed in a beautiful house with this stunning view:

We chilled out, saw some of Dartmouth's sights including the amazing Blackpool Sands (below), worked out together and just generally re-calibrated.

We meditated, focused on setting intentions and dined on all vegan food, some kindly provided by our fabulous sponsors, Rude Health, STRIPPD & BodyMe.

We even paddled in the sea and got soaked by an unexpectedly large wave!

Do you take yourself seriously enough to take time out? Do you care enough about your wellbeing to spend some time on you? 


Zoe said 'It was exactly what I needed....de-stress, get focused on my health and enjoy the company of fabulous confident independent women.'

Friends were made, selves were got back in touch with, bodies were re-energised. We entered the week ready to take it on... like a Warrior.

I'm soon to be announcing my next retreat and am in the process of compiling a waiting list - would you like to be on it? Message via my contact page to be included and you will receive details soon.

If you're super keen to become a Warrior and can't wait until the next retreat, click on the button below to start your journey:

Until next week,