Now I never expected I would face a troll...

Last week, I received my first 'troll-type' comment on Facebook. On a popular post which I'd boosted, talking about confidence and power and strength, the following comment was posted:

'WTF want to be confident blah blah blah... but have to lose weight to do it'

What to do?

My first response, I'm not going to lie, was anger! It seemed grossly unfair to someone who makes such a lot of effort to distance themselves from typical fitness industry talk about weight. Hell, I don't even weigh or measure any of my clients! 

The first instinct is to spit poison back at the commenter, but I chose not to, I'm better than that. I replied, for all to see - if she looked through my page, she'd see that I'm not about that at all. My clients come to me to achieve what they want to and that's not for anyone else to judge. 

What do my clients come to see me for?

I'm proud of that comment, because it's true. All of my clients have completely different goals that mean a huge amount to them, hence they're willing to make a significant investment in themselves to achieve them. Some do wish to lose weight, some are very lean and want to build muscle. Some have sporting goals - they want to run faster, cycle hard. For all, these goals are significant and are not to be judged. 

There is, however, a common thread that runs through them. My clients want to be their very best self, but they don't always realise how great they are to start with. A big part of my job is helping them to see this.

Whether you think you're overweight, too skinny, or just not where you want to be at the moment, you deserve to feel brave, confident and powerful, because you are. Taking steps to change something you don't like is brave, confident and powerful and quite frankly, I won't hear otherwise! 

Wherever you are now is not where you'll end up - you have the say over that. I didn't use to like how I looked - I was never seriously overweight but I've definitely carried some pounds that I didn't want. I didn't have much muscle definition and I certainly didn't feel very healthy! Changing that was important to me, so I dug deep and got going. 

What does confidence have to do with it?

Confidence was the key to my process and it is to many of my clients too. It may even be for the person making the snidey comment - what I said had clearly hit a nerve and I'm sorry for that. The choice of what you do next, however, is to hit out at the person who makes you realise that you want to change, or to do something about it. I know what my choice was and is. 

What's yours?

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Until next week!