Why Do Women Struggle With Upper Body Strength

Why Do Women Struggle With Upper Body Strength

A lot of the women who come to our consultations and choose to work with us find that they feel they have weak arms, lack upper body strength and don't know where to start to get stronger.

Here's Head Warrior, Amy, talking about one theory why this is and where to go from it.

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The Warrior Team Update

The Warrior Team Update

We think it's fun to be able to share with you guys what we get up to each month, so here goes - PBs and progress and a bit of a laugh…

What are our secrets to getting the progress we get?

  1. Work hard - be prepared to show up for sessions even when we don’t feel like it.

  2. Be willing to fail and f**k things up.

  3. Know that it takes time - things rarely happen as fast as we want them to.

  4. Seek outside help - we all have our own coaches depending on what goals and struggles we have.

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Raise The Bar

Raise The Bar

The lovely Force Mujer wrote an article about us recently called ‘Raise The Bar’, so checking in with you today so see how you can raise your bar…

You can check out the article itself, by clicking below:

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Pull Up Wins

Pull Up Wins

How our Warriors are getting on with their pull ups - Jay, Jason and Steve - and a few tips and tricks to build strength with yours!

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Starting to deadlift...

Starting to deadlift...

What does a good deadlift actually look like?

Where do I even get started?

We hear these questions a lot, so you’re in good company if you’ve thought this! Even if you have no idea what a deadlift is, don’t worry.

In the video below, we show one of the Warrior team, Kes, on day one of deadlifting, after watching some YouTube videos and fast forwarding today. Technique and strength have improved, and it’s great to see that we all have to start from the top:

If this video resonates with you and you’d like to:

  • Get stronger

  • Tone up

  • Learn how to use the ‘weights bit’ in the gym

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Sick Of Having Back Pain?

Sick Of Having Back Pain?

Fed up of having daily back pain? Check out what one of our clients who used to have this says about the process and his results.

Pull Up Progress - Getting Your First Pull Up

Pull Up Progress - Getting Your First Pull Up

Checking in on our client, Carly, working towards her pull up and a few of the moves she's been doing to get closer to it.

 Feel like you’ve got a weak upper body?

No idea how to make it stronger?

The idea of a pull up seems a million miles away but you’d still love to get there?

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Pull Up Progressions

Rope pull ups and one arm pull ups! - Getting your first pull up takes work but once you know the right tricks to get there you can progress onto moves such as these! - If you’re trying but failing to get your first pull up, click the link in the bio to book your FREE consultation with us and come and find out why! .

Where To Get Veggie and Vegan Protein From?

Are you veggie or vegan and not sure if you're getting in enough protein?? I’ve been vegetarian for nearly 25 years and I’ve been asked it in many a lunch queue, by many a colleague and by many a relative.

For lots of people not in the know, being vegetarian or vegan apparently means being pale, sickly, and struggling to keep (or put on) muscle, as we’re ‘never getting enough protein.

If you're interested in if finding out why this is not the case and how to eat more protein as a vegetarian or vegan, check this out:


Head Stand Push Up

A nifty head stand push up from head warrior Amy! If you're interested in building your strength and learning moves like such when doing so, visit our website www.thewarriorprogramme.co.uk and book your FREE consultation!

June Client Achievements

Some photos of our clients and their successes of the week! From deadlifts to pull- ups to press ups. If you want to learn how to build you strength- safely and quickly, visit our website www.thewarriorprogramme and book your FREE consultation!

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Warrior One Arm Pull-Up!

Amy achieving a one arm pull up after a client suggested she tried!

It is Amy’s strength training- with barbells, dumbbells and body weight exercises which has allowed her to become capable of movements like these with no practice.

To find out more about how we help people build strength and confidence in our free weights gym, visit our website www.thewarriorprogramme.co.uk for more information.

At The Warrior Programme we are notorious for fake tanning, chicken and broccoli diets and only trying chest and arms. So naturally we had to go to Body Power- the event of our lives.

Check out our beef cakes- Meg, Amy and Matt showing everyone else up. Truly smashed it. #workhardplayhard.


May Warrior Training

Check out a few snippets of our Warrior’s training sessions from this week!

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