Work in HR?

Employee wellbeing high on the business' agenda for 2018?

Want to improve your engagement scores and retain your talent?

Want to reduce a high staff turnover and absenteeism?

Already got in place health insurance, cash plans, desk assessments and occupational health, but want to do more?

Amy, the Head Warrior at The Warrior Programme®, has a corporate legal and insurance background so not only does she understand the science behind what working long hours behind a desk does to your employees' bodies, but she understands personally how it feels and the challenges you face. 

With too much sitting currently at number four on the World Health Organisation's list of risks to human life, after Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke and Obesity, plus workplace absenteeism days up to 526,000 in 2016/7 for stress, it's crucial that employers do more.

Amy has personally experienced a lot of the problems associated with office  work, such as neck and shoulder pain, lower back aches, weight gain, tiredness and stress, and has worked to rehabilitate these in herself and many clients.

Many wellbeing professionals know the theory behind this, but lack the practical and first-hand experience of having them and rectifying them.  Consequently, Amy can coach your teams on the following:

How to improve posture and flexibility and core strength

How to make adjustments to your diet to make eating healthier easier

How to fix aches and pains, and ensure staff are using the occupational health resources you make available

Ensure your workspace is set up correctly  

How to practically manage stress

'I learned a lot of useful information/tips re the aches and pains I suffer and how to correct my posture.  I thought she was very informative and engaging as a speaker'      'Really useful and practical advice given. Would like to see more things like this.' Veale Wasbrough Vizards

'Amy’s Wellbeing Training Session was by far the highlight of our Empower Results for Colleagues’ Day.  A down-to-earth lady who is passionate about what she does.  Practical demonstrations made us realise how easy it can be to strengthen our muscles just by sitting at our desks!' Patsy Mawle, Aon Hewitt

'Amy is an excellent personal trainer.  She really understands what sitting too long at a desk does to your body and how to make things better.  Amy works with humour and enthusiasm, her sessions are bespoke for you and always different (so you don't get bored) and she gets results.  Highly recommended.' Jason Prosser (Partner at Veale Wasbrough Vizards) 

'I found your session really, really engaging. There was a great mix of information and participation and I feel the content was really geared to the people in the room. My colleagues also told me how much they enjoyed it – we are now competing in the office as to who can complete the best moves without attracting funny looks!' Lauren Evans, HSBC

‘It was a very interactive session, Amy didn’t just explain the stretches but actually got us to do them! Amy was engaging with the audience and now I am focusing more on my posture whilst sitting at my desk’ Osbourne Clarke

What does it involve for us as a business? Usually use of your boardroom or meeting room space with a projection set up, plus your support in ensuring your teams' attendance.  Amy is fully insured (PI & PL) and is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. 

I've heard of other Employee Wellbeing services - what's different about what you offer? It's far more practical than other talks that are available. Amy has actively rehabilitated a lot of the problems associated with sitting in her own body and those of clients, so she knows first hand what can and needs to be done. Other wellbeing professionals might know the theory, but they've never sat behind a desk, so can't truly understand what you're looking to get out of it. For example, we all want better posture and although we might try to hold ourselves right, this approach rarely works. Amy will explain why this is and what you can do that will work.  

What do we do to get the ball rolling? 
Send an email to Amy at with a brief description of what you're looking for and a list of proposed dates. A member of the team will come back to you within 3 business days.