Meet Amy, the founder and Head Warrior at The Warrior Programme®:

At school, I was sporty but but clever at the same time, so a very difficult one to pigeon hole! I've definitely got some genetic blessings - I'm strong and fast - but definitely not genetically skinny!

At university, I stopped exercising, ate a load of crap and stopped exercising. I lived in a horrible flat share, wasn't very happy and kind of let myself go. I didn't really realise, until one day I did, and decided it had to come off and fast. Cycling and big dietary changes were key and I lost the excess weight in 3 months and it's never come back. (*Results vary between clients and are dependent on many factors*)

For 8 years, I spent  12+ hours per day sat at my desk or a wheel. I thought it would be fine, it's only sitting down, I'm young, it won't matter. However, at just 24, the sedentary lifestyle started to get to me. I couldn't shift a few pounds around my middle, my stress levels were through the roof, I was bored, frustrated and always achy and tired. 

I'd been going to the gym regularly for a couple of years, but I found that my work was interfering with my motivation levels to go. I'd get home around 6, crash on the sofa and be too tired to cook or go to the gym. Not ideal. 

So, I started looking for a way to make it work for me.  I didn't want to spend every hour of my life in the gym, or eat chicken and broccoli every meal for the rest of my life! But, I didn't want to feel like this anymore - I wanted to feel fit, strong, full of energy, less stressed and to get rid of the aches and tiredness. 

Here's where I can help you - I've done the leg work! I've tried cycling 150+ miles per week, poledancing, kickboxing, swimming, heavy weight lifting, a bodybuilder diet, high fat & low carbs, low fat & high carbs and combined all of what I've learned into The Warrior Programme®. The best of what's out there from one business owner and former corporate employee to another. I make it easy for you - you don't have to think, you just do, which is in itself a break away from work!


Now, meet Lou!

'Ever since I was a kid I have been very active, I don’t stay still for long. And growing up I have always had a keen interest in health and fitness. I was always involved in school sports, a member of a team or competing in county events. After school I decided to go to college and study Business, figured it would be a useful topic but very quickly found out that it wasn’t really me. After finishing the course I knew that I wanted to do something more practical, something related to health and well-being and where I could help people. So I then enrolled in a Uni course to become a massage therapist. I absolute loved this course, and learnt so much. After qualifying I freelanced as a massage therapist for a while saved up some money and decided to go off travelling for a few months. What I though would be a 6 month trip turned into 6 years, I got hooked! 

While I was travelling as I was moving around so much I was mainly working in bars/restaurants/hostels and some very random jobs in between, I adopted a slightly unhealthy lifestyle and started packing on the pounds. I hadn’t really noticed this, I had just gotten use to the extra weight. And even though I wasn’t happy with how I felt, or how I looked in the mirror I just kept going. It wasn’t until I returned home that I realised just how much weight I had put on. And I was so disappointed in myself that I had let it happen. I must have put on over 3 stone gradually and now it was time to get rid of it! My mum was an integral part of helping me kick start my journey to fitness, she was a member of her local gym and I went and signed up and we went together every morning Monday to Friday, we made a commitment to support each other. We prepped healthy and tasty meals, exercised regularly and the result was me losing the excess weight. I am happy to say I felt like a new person, happy, confident and healthy!

Going through this and the support I had from my mum lead me to wanting to be a Personal Trainer, I love being able to help people. And if I can help someone be the happiest, healthiest version of themselves then that makes me happy :)'

What are the common concerns your clients have about working with a personal trainer?

A lot of clients have the pre-conceptions that personal trainers all shout, make you do burpees until you pass out and force you to eat chicken and spinach for every meal for the rest of your life. There are some trainers that take that approach, but we are very different. I see your journey with me as a joint project - we work together to build your new self into your existing lifestyle. We don't expect you to never eat a takeaway again or count your calories. Instead, we talk about your likes and dislikes and ensure that the changes you make are sustainable - you can keep them up for life. 

I'm afraid working with you will take up a lot of time - will it?

I'm aware that you're a very busy person with limited free time and a changeable schedule. To help with this, our gym is in BS1, very close to the major corporate areas of Bristol, sessions with me last 60 minutes (we get a lot done in them!) and we won't set you lengthy and elaborate homework. If you hate cooking, or don't have time to do it, we won't ask you to cook - we'll find a way for you to eat that is healthy and very convenient. Working with us will take up a lot less time than trying to get these results yourself. 

I think I should go away and get a bit fitter first - am I right?

A lot of our clients have been worried about this, so rest assured that your concern is very normal! As you're already really busy, we want to get this sorted as quickly as possible, right? The less fit you are when we starting working together, the quicker you tend to see progress. 

I'm worried that working with you will be really expensive, I'm not sure I can afford it

It's really normal to be concerned about taking on an extra expense, so please don't worry. Many of our clients have had this concern, but when they see how quickly they get the results they've wanted for a long time and start seeing the dividends it pays everyday, they no longer worry. You've worked really hard to get where you are - you deserve to put something back in yourself. Think of it as a short term investment that will pay life-long dividends. You'll never need to waste money on a diet or unused gym membership again!

What if I'm different and it doesn't work for me?

Although we follow a tried and tested formula (both by ourselves and our clients), every programme is bespoke to you and your goals. A lot of clients have worried about this - nothing has worked for them before - but then they are happily proven wrong.

*Results vary between clients and are dependent on many factors*

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