An Interview With Us

We totally understand that coming to see a personal trainer can be scary! So we wanted to answer a lot of the questions you might have here, to make you feel more comfortable.

We promise, however, we’re a lot less scary than some personal trainers can be - and we’ll make you a cup of tea!

What are the common concerns your clients have about working with a personal trainer?

A lot of clients have the pre-conceptions that personal trainers all shout, make you do burpees until you pass out and force you to eat chicken and spinach for every meal for the rest of your life. There are some trainers that take that approach, but we are very different. We see your journey with us as a collaboration - we work together to build the self and the body you want into a lifestyle that you're happy with. We don't expect you to never eat a takeaway again, to go tea-total or to be at the gym every day. Instead, we find a way to help you achieve the goals you want to AND have the lifestyle that you're happy with. So it's sustainable and you can keep up the changes for good.  

I'm afraid working with you will take up a lot of time - will it?

We're aware that you're very busy person and your free time is precious. It's likely that you're already trying to eat healthily and go to the gym occasionally, but you're just not getting the results you want, so that time is really being wasted at the moment.

To make it as easy as possible, we have a flexible schedule, with availability between 6am and 8pm (depending on your trainer). You can book your sessions online as far in advance as you want to and all we need is 48 hours' notice to change them. You can have a different session time every week so it fits into your schedule.

Becky Bengey had this concern when she started working with us and now she says: ‘TWP Is very accessible and so despite being busy with full time job and a toddler I can still fit in the 1hr session with Amy once a week on my way home from work and find the time to do the home program which can be done in my bedroom with no equipment required. I get excellent results for the time commitment '

I think I should go away and get a bit fitter first - am I right?

A lot of our clients have been worried about this, so rest assured that your concern is very normal! As you're already really busy, we want to get this sorted as quickly as possible, right? The less fit you are when we starting working together, the quicker you tend to see things change. Going away and trying again yourself will just result in more wasted time and carrying on feeling as you are now for longer.

What if I'm different and it doesn't work for me?

Although we follow a tried and tested formula (both by ourselves and our clients), every programme is bespoke to you and your goals. A lot of our clients have felt concerned about this before they’ve started working with us - nothing has worked for me before, so maybe this is just me, right?!

Our response to this is absolutely not - you’ve just not found your ‘thing’ yet! At the beginning of your programme, we sit down together and work out your goals specifically - so we both know exactly what we're looking to achieve. We tailor how we work with you to suit you, your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, and where you want to go. None of our programmes are standard, they are all completely unique.

Plus we offer a money back guarantee on all of our packages - if you follow all of our advice (and can prove that you have) for the first 30 days and there is no progress towards your goals, we give you all of your money back. So you either get the results or you get your money back - sounds like a great deal to us!

Will I have to count calories, and be weighed and measured?

In short, no! We aren't like other personal trainers - we don't do 'body transformations', we won't force you to have awkward photos in your underwear to announce you've lost 3 inches around your waist! 

If you have weight loss or appearance goals, tracking food and taking measurements can be helpful in terms of tracking your progress and accountability, but it is by no means compulsory and there are lots of other ways we can and do do it. Everything we do is personal - if you don't like something, we don't have to do it. Similarly, if you would like this, we can and do do it. It really depends on what you want to do and how you want the process to work.

What is your gym like?

We're based in a truly private gym in the centre of Bristol (right next to Temple Meads station) with easy access and parking. We have no more than two trainers with a client each in there at one time, so it’s a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. All of our training team is female currently and our clients are mixed guys and girls - we welcome you all!

Our gym has great kit and we always have easy access to what we want. Unlike big commercial gyms, you won’t be queuing up for the equipment you want, or feeling intimidated by all the meatheads grunting and throwing dumbbells! We’re a great community and everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other, through socials, photo-shoots (optional) and other fun things we organise. You won't feel like you shouldn't be there or like you're the most unfit person in the room. 

Check out the page above ‘The Warrior Gym’ for photos and more information.

I've got a holiday or a work trip coming up - should I wait and get in touch when I get back? 

Why delay? You're here now and we're guessing you want to do this, so act on your evident bravery and get booked in to come and have a chat with us. We can work sessions around your time away and we can give you things to work on whilst you're away. More time lost is more time in between you and the results you want. 

What are your prices?

We don’t put our prices on our website because everything we do is tailored to you individually - there is no one size fits all with us! Everything we do is part of a package, so if you’d like to find out more, we’d recommend you book in a consultation so we can advise you on what will work best for you and what you want to achieve.

Please note that working with a personal trainer does involve more of a financial investment than a gym membership and we don’t offer one off sessions.

*Results vary between clients and are dependent on many factors*

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