An Interview With Us

We really understand that coming to see a personal trainer can be intimidating! So we wanted to answer a few of the questions we think you might have here…

What are your prices?

We deliberately don’t put our prices on our website, because everything we do is tailored to you individually - there is no one size fits all and everything we do is part of a package. Our recommendation will depend on where you are now, what you want to achieve and in what timescales, and how much support we agree you will need to get there.

We are results-focused, rather than time-focused, so we will put together a solution that works to get you where you want to be, rather than tell you the rate to hire a personal trainer for one hour.

It would be like asking a builder how much it would cost to build a house, when you haven’t told him how many bedrooms, where it will be, the square footage etc!

To be able to talk you through the options, we need to have had a consultation with you - either face to face or on the phone.

Please don’t call or email us asking us our prices, as we won’t make exceptions to us needing to have had a consultation first.

We are not the ‘cheapest’ and we won’t compete with other trainers on price. If you want to work with us, it needs to be about more than the money - if just about the money then it’s unlikely you’re the right fit for us.

If you’re ready for change, willing to invest in yourself and you know you and what you want are worth it, then we are 100% the right people for you.

Our minimum commitment is three months. We don’t offer one off sessions or gym memberships.

What do lots of your clients worry about before working with a personal trainer?

A lot of our clients have been worried before that they will have to:

  • Jump on the scales all the time and be judged for the outcome

  • Be shouted at

  • Be made to do burpees until you feel like you’re going to throw up

  • Be fit already

  • Have a very bland diet for the rest of their life in order to lose weight and tone up.

If you’re worried about this, trust us, you’re not alone!

Absolutely, there are some personal trainers who treat their clients like that. But you have our word that we do not.

Instead, we:

  • Treat you as an individual. Everything we do is bespoke - we have no standard plans - and is tailored to what YOU want to achieve, not what we think you should achieve. After all, it’s a collaboration.

  • Support rather than shout

  • Work on the basis of compromise and balance - we believe you can achieve ANYTHING - as long as you’re prepared to put in the work and be consistent with it. Similarly, if you want to enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday night and go out for pizza, you can! It’s ultimately about balance and budgeting.

  • Meet you where you are - and that can be right at day one.

  • Take a flexible approach - working around your lifestyle. We don’t do meal plans - they don’t work. As part of that, we don’t have any clients that have come to us for results and have gone away by themselves, lost them and come back. We believe this is because of how we work.

I'm incredibly busy and pretty stressed if I’m honest - I don’t have loads of time to dedicate to this?

Many of our clients have jam-packed schedules and that is in fact why they use us. They don’t feel they have the time to exercise alone, and so it never happens, and they’re getting further away from where they want to be.

They also don’t have time to waste. Trying things out, experimenting and not getting where they want to be. Instead, they delegate this part of their life to the experts - as you would with anything else you want doing right - and work with us.

Becky Bengey had this concern before she started working with us and now she says: ‘TWP Is very accessible and so despite being busy with full time job and a toddler I can still fit in the session with Amy once a week on my way home from work, and find the time to do the home program which can be done in my bedroom with no equipment required. I get excellent results for the time commitment '

We provide the plan and the structure - you follow it, it’s that simple. We do the research, you just show up and do the work. If you follow our plan, put the effort in, be consistent and communicate with us, we’ll achieve a great result together.

Furthermore, to make it as easy as possible, we have a flexible schedule, with availability between 6am and 8pm weekdays (depending on your trainer). You can book your sessions online up to three months in advance and times can be changed with 48 hours' notice. If you’re busy one week, or away, you’ll simply make it up at another time in that month.

Please note that we are very full in the evenings and early mornings and so most appointments during these times will be less flexible, which is often best for giving you structure in any case.

I’m worried I’m not fit enough to start working with you, I don’t want to feel embarrassed if I can’t do everything you ask me to do?

Very very few of our clients come to us already fit and strong. A huge percentage of our clients come to us because they’ve struggled to get fitter by themselves, so why put it off any longer?

The first session you have with your trainer will simply be you getting into the groove of things and her getting to know you, what you like, what you need, what you want and what your body is like. She’ll meet you exactly where you are - with no expectations and no judgement - as that’s how we can grow, and help you build your confidence.

What if I'm different and it doesn't work for me?

A lot of our clients have felt concerned about this before they’ve started working with us - they’ve tried lots of things - lots of diets and online programmes often - and been disappointed. It’s very frustrating, we know.

Although we follow a tried and tested formula (both by ourselves and our clients), every programme is bespoke to you and your goals. So although you’re part of The Warrior Programme, your programme is completely tailored to you.

At the beginning of your programme, you will sit down with your coach and work out your goals together. We’ll get them really specific, so we both know exactly where we’re going.

Plus we offer a money back guarantee on all of our packages - if you follow all of our advice (and can prove that you have) for the first 30 days and there is no progress towards your goals, we give you all of your money back. So you either get the results or you get your money back - subject to compliance with the T&Cs of course.

Will I have to count calories, and be weighed and measured?

With us, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t wholeheartedly want to do. Some clients like this approach - they find it helps them stay accountable and to learn what works for their body. Other clients vehemently do not want it, and we are absolutely down with that.

We don’t do 'body transformations', and we won't force you to have awkward photos in your underwear to announce you've lost 3 inches around your waist! 

If you have weight loss or appearance-related goals, tracking food and taking measurements can be helpful in terms of tracking your progress and accountability, but it is by no means compulsory and there are lots of other ways we can and do do it.

What is your gym like?

We're based in our own private gym in the centre of Bristol (right next to Temple Meads station) with easy access and parking nearby (Temple Gate or RingGo behind Temple Meads).

We have no more than two trainers with a client each in there at one time, so you’ll never be fighting for kit! We’re a personal training (1-2-1) only gym, so we don’t currently have access to solo membership. It’s truly a personal and comfortable experience, that will work great for you if you don’t like the hustle and bustle of a big gym, or you feel intimidated by gyms.

We have fantastic kit and we’re a great community. Approximately 70% women and 30% men, we cater to everyone.

Please note we’re a personal training gym only and we don’t currently offer gym memberships.

Check out the page above ‘The Warrior Gym’ for photos and more information.

I've got a holiday or a work trip coming up - should I wait and get in touch when I get back? 

Why delay? You're here now and we're guessing that’s because making a change to your lifestyle and feel better about yourself?

Our best next step is to get a consultation booked in, so you can figure out whether we’re the best option for you. Then, when you’re back, you can know that you’re ready to get started with getting to where you want to be. And, we might even be able to give you some things to start working on while you’re away!

What don’t you do?

We don’t do one off sessions or gym memberships - we’re about 1-2-1 and getting the results you’ve been waiting for for a long time, not selling you our time.

We don’t do quick fixes, bikini-bodies or diets. We’re about sustainable change, focused on you becoming more ‘you.’

We’re not all about weight loss. Although lots of our clients do want and get the weight loss they’re looking for, it’s not just about the scales or aesthetics. They want to get stronger and achieve confidence in the gym too.

We don’t do excuses or non-committal - if you’re in, we’re so in, it’s insane. We don’t do half-hearted, so we expect the same back from our clients. Commit and you’ll get what you want.

*Results vary between clients and are dependent on many factors*


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